A Field Guide For Mobile Journalism:
Volume 1 – Producing photographic stories with smartphones and mobile devices

By Robb Montgomery
Published by Visual Editors, ©2014
14,903 words
120 pages
183 illustrations

Who’s is this book for? 
This interactive book is for mobile storytellers, journalists, NGOs, communications officers, teachers, content marketers, and media students who use smartphones to create visual stories that communicate ideas, share experiences and explain their world.


“The MOJO Guide is a wonderfully complete and strikingly accessible training book for anyone who wants to create compelling stories with their mobile phone and/or camera. It covers the basics of good visual journalism and the technical aspects that are so important today.”

Howard I. Finberg
Director, Business Development
International projects coordinator
The Poynter Institute

“We all know mobile matters. Now Robb shows everyone how it can be done: demystifying the technology and showing what is possible with the camera you always have in hand. Essential.”

Peter Bale
VP & GM Digital
CNN International

“The MOJO Guide is a must-read for today’s — and tomorrow’s — journalist.”

David Kordalski
President at Society for News Design
AME/Visuals at The Plain Dealer

“I just finished the MOJO Guide and had to read it a second time because it was that well done. 

Montgomery provides the reader with a great source for improving the skills required for converged multimedia interactive story telling. 

I was searching for this book to help my students understand how to use the tools he so well analyzes.  Nice Job!!!!”

Tony Majeri
Senior Editor
Chicago Tribune (1970 to 2006)

“A highly useful guide for any mobile photographer.
This is a great pocket guide in your smartphone for your smartphone. It covers a wide range of topics from gear and camera techniques to practical tips essential for any photographer. It is compact and basic but always relevant and highly useful.”

Ola Henriksson
Project manager digital product development
Svenska Dagbladet