This three day course is designed to introduce journalists to writing for structure, managing data and spreadsheets, understanding data visualizations, creating online surveys for interviews, and learning new ways to present data-driven information.

Interactive stories

Learn how to quickly build high quality, interactive multimedia stories.
  • How to make multimedia timelines from spreadsheets
  • Techniques for building multimedia story maps
  • Learn to build Interactive photos that satisfy digital consumers

Story and package planning

Master the step-by-step collaborative process that empowers your teams to quickly develop, iterate, refine and present focused story plans that satisfy readers.

  • What seven questions should we ask of every article?
  • Learn editor-driven planning techniques
  • Develop visual answers to story questions

Participants also learn advanced social media, visual presentation and collaboration techniques.

I have taught this workshop for the past five years and I am always refreshing the course content as new tools and best practices emerge.

Grow your digital journalism literacy:
  • Master interview and research techniques using the latest online tools
  • Grasp the fundamentals of structured text, SEO, and metadata
  • Learn how to verify content on social networks
  • Master the curation of content and advanced sourcing techniques
  • Visualize information from databases
  • Adopt best practices for Twitter and Facebook engagement
  • Apply advanced search techniques for social media
  • Develop a Social Media monitoring and response system
  • Choose the best chart type for the data you have gathered
  • Learn curation techniques and short-form writing that propels digital stories
  • Build data-driven surveys and polls and visualize the results
  • Build embeddable interactive images with videos, photos, links, and text
  • Learn how to incorporate all this multimedia into your blog

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