The CEO of a European media company being pitched by a team at the end of a design thinking workshop led by Robb Montgomery.

Innovation transforms the way people develop products, services, processes—and even strategy.

For the companies disrupting the market today, design is no longer just a “stage” in the business process — it is the language of business.
If you want to help jolt your company out of bad habits, the people and teams around you will need to learn to adopt the habits of true innovators. 
Innovators are people who are driven to build something 10 times better rather than something that is only 10 percent better.
For 10 years I have been teaching design thinking methods to help transform talented people into those rare leaders who can inspire lasting innovation in their organizations.
My mantra is simple: “Design thinking is a creative process that yields a business result.”
That’s right. The Design Method I teach is actually a process of continuous problem-solving that can earn you more money.
Do you want to work in a company culture that invests in and rallies behind principles like design thinking?
Then action is required. Planning, researching, and talking all matter. But they are not enough to build new visions that will captivate the marketplace.
There’s no company you can purchase or person you can hire that will transform your company into an innovative juggernaut overnight.
The design methods like the ones I teach give you the formula that you can customize, experiment with, and learn from.
It’s time to stop talking and get busy making.
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The method Robb uses for this immersive video course is one he has developed over the last 10 years. It employs the best practices from GV Design Sprints, Maestro planning and the Stanford D-School model.
Guiding the teams through specific problem solving exercises are a key focus as Robb uses “How Might We” approaches to generate actionable ideas to guide teams to rapidly prototype solutions that will deliver a great customer journey with their solution.

These are the same techniques that successful startups use.

Robb leads your team as the sprint master and you play the role of the ‘Decider.’
Master the development of disruptive business models and radical insights that can drive new business.
You will learn to:
  • Identify a challenge or opportunity in your marketplace
  • Define the customer who will benefit from your solution
  • Run a productive brainstorming sessions
  • Build a roadmap and action plan with a cross-functional team
  • Plan for a great user experience from the start 
  • Rapidly draft and refine solutions that solve problems for users 
  • Validate your prototype solution
  • Build the perfect pitch deck to get your project green-lighted
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Design thinking can empower your business.