Here are the lowest-price coupon codes for many of my best-selling courses:

Cinematography essentials – Art of Filmmaking iOS & Android

Mobile Cinematography Course— Complete mobile cinematography masterclass for Android and iPhone, action cams and more.

COUPON: Cinematography essentials – Art of Filmmaking iOS & Android

iPhone Photography – Take Better Pictures With Your iPhone

This course is designed for beginners and it teaches the step-by-step process for shooting iPhone photos like a pro. Learn how to make amazing photos on every occasion with easy-to-remember tips and pointers.

COUPON: iPhone Photography

iPad Music Making – Apps and tricks for Beginners

Make music with iPad apps and quickly develop new sounds and musical background patterns for your mobile videos that match your signature style and vision.

  • No musical expertise required Craft original beats for your social videos Score music for your mobile films 10 Exercises to build your first song

Learn the quick and easy way and to make royalty-free and copyright-free music for your videos.

COUPON: iPad Music

LumaFusion & FilmicPro – ProRes video editing essentials

This intermediate iPhone Filmmaking Course course features three hours of in-depth, real-world filming tutorials for Filmic Pro camera and LumaFusion Video editing apps.

COUPON: LumaFusion & FilmicPro – ProRes video editing essentials

Insta360 One R Video Editing course – Shoot & edit 360 video

This hands-on, practical and project-based course will quickly teach you how to shoot and edit 360 video like a pro.Using an Insta360 camera and an iPad or iPhone. Video editing workflows for the Insta360 app and LumaFusion video editing app are featured.

COUPON: Insta360 Video

VN Video editor app (iOS and Android)

The VN video app (free for both iPhone and Android) is a powerful pocket video editing app that every mobile photographer and filmmaker needs to know how to use.

COUPON: VN Video Editor App

How to build a successful online training business

In this course I show you how I was able to quit my office job and go into business myself teaching what I love. My methods are clearly explained and well-illustrated.

COUPON: How to build a successful online training business

Live Zoom Studio:  Build a Low-cost Live Zoom Video Studio

You don’t need a huge budget to Setup a Home Video Studio for Zoom instruction, YouTube tutorials, Online Course Creation, Live Streaming & Video Production. 

COUPON: Build low-cost Video Studio