How to shoot low-light scenes with Filmic Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and LumaFusion.

This is an iPhone 11 Pro Max Low light film test in Berlin. I shot with the MoondogLabs anamorphic lens, FiLMiCPro camera app, and and edited this reel in Lumafusion.

To get these shots I experimented with adjusting the mids slider in the Cinematographers gamma curve pane to the right to expand the histogram.

This allows for the sensor to capture a wider dynamic range.

Tap once on the Timecode medallion to verify that the histogram is extended fully across the scene and is not clipping in the highlights (the right side of the graph)

Verify that you are getting true blacks for the sky with Zebra preview.

Expose with the lowest shutter speed, lowest ISO and atop a sturdy tripod.

Happy filming!