Complete Mobile Video Production Studio Setups: Produce Live Videos with Broadcast Video Quality. Clever Hacks for Pro Light and Audio for Live Video Shows.

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Every lesson is designed to show you how to get the maximum value for your own video studio design.

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What you’ll learn

  • Turn a spare room into a broadcast video studio
  • Organize lights, sound and backdrops for best results
  • Set up a low-cost teleprompter
  • Live stream multi-camera shows with an iPad

You don’t need a huge budget to Setup a Home Video Studio for YouTube tutorials, Online Course Creation, Live Streaming & Video Production. 

Join video expert, Robb Montgomery, on a detailed tour of his video studio in Berlin – a DIY, budget-conscious studio design that produces an amazing amount of broadcast quality video with only a one-person crew.

Robb has built multiple best-seller courses on Udemy, with this video studio setup and his students frequently leave high ratings for the quality of the videos he makes for his courses.

Montgomery has designed many professional-level video studios around the world for clients and will will lead you through the keys aspects of studio design and production. Please glance through the lesson titles and watch the free previews.

You will learn how to organize the lights, install backdrops, control sound, and also get in-depth, step-by-step lesson modules for setting up a low-cost teleprompter and even producing live, multi-camera video shows using only an iPad and some old iPhones.

Every lesson is designed to show you how to get the maximum value for your own video studio design.

You don’t need a green-screen to make awesome instructor videos, livestreaming and corporate videos.

DIY: Home Video Studio for Live Streaming & Video Production will set you off on the right foot for building a small, but powerful studio in a small space.

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