The LumaFusion 2.02 update brings improvements in the user interface for a more logical workflow for video editing on iPad and iPhone.

The developers of LumaFusion are constantly providing updates based on user feedback and it amazing to see the team make the efforts to give pros the tools they rely on for video projects.


• Improved layout of controls on the toolbar,

• The vertical preview-timeline-library layout has been restored

• The project button is now on the left side of the toolbar

• The add-clip and split buttons have been moved to the right on iPad

• The add-clip and split buttons are now always visible on iPhones

• The delete button is now to the right of the split button to make it easy to split and delete remainder

• The icons for add clip and clip editor have been changed to be more easily recognizable

• The help-settings button is always visible

• Photos library fully supports nested Folders in Album and new Media Types group.

• User-saved styles now include fonts

• Improved performance during scrolling and playback

• Easily trim clips on overwrite tracks that have attached transitions

NEW in Version 2

• Number of tracks doubled! 6 video/audio and 6 audio tracks.

(Preview performance with more than 3 tracks of video is dependent on device model)

• New Streamlined UI with all new vector icons, and improved workflows.

• New Timeline Overview makes it quick and easy to see your whole project and jump to a specific edit.

• New shuttle control (press-and-hold the Play button) to scrub at different rates to find the perfect frame.

• Add markers with colors and comments to quickly find important times in your projects and media

• Track Headers with track locking, hide and mute, and track link/unlink

• Popup Help makes it easier to find out what and where all the tools are.

• External Display, including layouts that give you more space on your device for editing

• Support for GNARBOX 2.0 SSD, as well as improvements for GNARBOX 1.0

All LumaFusion tutorials can be found here.