By Robb Montgomery
Published by Visual Editors, ©2014


14,903 words
120 pages
183 illustrations


The MOJO Guide is a wonderfully complete and strikingly accessible training book for anyone who wants to create compelling stories with their mobile phone and/or camera. It covers the basics of good visual journalism and the technical aspects that are so important today.

Howard I. Finberg
Director, Business Development
International projects coordinator
The Poynter Institute


We all know mobile matters. Now Robb shows everyone how it can be done: demystifying the technology and showing what is possible with the camera you always have in hand. Essential.

Peter Bale
VP & GM Digital
CNN International


The MOJO Guide is a must-read for today’s — and tomorrow’s — journalist.

David Kordalski
President at Society for News Design
AME/Visuals at The Plain Dealer

I just finished the MOJO Guide and had to read it a second time because it was that well done.


Montgomery provides the reader with a great source for improving the skills required for converged multimedia interactive story telling.


I was searching for this book to help my students understand how to use the tools he so well analyzes.  Nice Job!!!!

Tony Majeri
Senior Editor
Chicago Tribune (1970 to 2006)

“A highly useful guide for any mobile photographer.
This is a great pocket guide in your smartphone for your smartphone. It covers a wide range of topics from gear and camera techniques to practical tips essential for any photographer. It is compact and basic but always relevant and highly useful.”

Ola Henriksson
Project manager digital product development
Svenska Dagbladet


Before digital, a ‘photojournalist’ or storyteller could spend a lifetime developing their film techniques, now with digital cameras, smartphones and Montgomery’s guide to mobile journalism, reporters have the tools at hand to become a visual storyteller in a short time.

As a ‘seasoned pro’ I enjoyed re-visiting the basics in this MOJO guide, often stopping to reflect on how I go about business.

Montgomery starts out with the simplest of apps which will get the job done and saves us from wading through the hundreds, if not thousands out there. Then he dissects the photographic process and gear to the basics, touching on everything from camera supports to ethics!

Bob Fila

Chicago photojournalist
(Chicago’s American, Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune)


While most guides are meant to be clear and practical, this one goes beyond: It’s well-organized and insightful.

Cristóbal Edwards
Professor of visual journalism
Universidad Católica de Chile

Robb Montgomery’s ‘A Field Guide for Mobile Journalism’ is a must for multimedia reporters and editors. Insights and tips to tell stories using new digital narratives and digital tools.

Juan Antonio Giner
President and founder,
INNOVATION Media Consulting
London, UK


Robb Montgomery has written a primer on how to do journalism on our most common device — the phone in our pocket. He specifies apps and describes techniques that are crucial to committing journalism the right way.

Judd Slivka
Assistant Professor of Convergence Journalism
Missouri School of Journalism



This field guide is essential for anyone looking to improve their smartphone photography skills and storytelling ability. The screenshots and diagrams make the information easy to digest. It’s a truly great resource.

Mark Briggs
Author ‘Journalism Next’


This field guide is perfect for students studying mobile journalism. It’s the next best thing to having Robb Montgomery tag along on assignments.

Ken Carpenter
Professor of Journalism
Valencia College, Orlando

“In this guide for mobile storytelling, Robb Montgomery puts it all out there. Robb shares the fundamentals of visual storytelling, along with the specific mobile apps he uses, understanding that the resulting content will be consumed on mobile and online and shared via social media.


You don’t normally see a guide where the author shows you exactly which tools to use, because as soon as guides like that are published, some of the tools get updated or their companies go out of business.


With this guide being an iBook, revisions will be able to be made to keep it up to date.”

Steve Garfield
Investor, Author: Get Seen, Videoblogging pioneer


Robb Montgomery’s Mojo Guide is a welcome addition to the literature on mobile journalism. Robb walks journalists through both the technical and practical skills needed to gather and share compelling photojournalistic stories with mobile/smartphones in an interactive volume that’s easy to read and put into practice.


Whether a seasoned journalist just getting started with mobile tools, a multimedia journalist looking for new tricks, a student who grew up with a smartphone in hand, or an educator looking to train future journalists, this book is definitely a go-to resource.

I look forward to future volumes.

Michael Rosenblum
Founder Current TV
Former President NY Times TV

While being an unbelievable field guide for a new generation of journalists, this visionary book also describes the implications of the mobile revolution for the future of the media industry. Highly recommended!

Lukas Kircher
KB, Berlin


Robb Montgomery’s guide is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to harness the power of mobile devices. With descriptions and illustrations, he provides guidance, insight, and tips that will empower anyone seeking to document and engage with the world. Robb offers answers and solutions on equipment, apps, and strategies. It’s all here.


Neal Augenstein
Mobile communication consultant (
Technology editor and reporter, WTOP


This book is a much-needed tool for those who need to understand mobile photography, achieve visual impact and develop an arsenal of storytelling strategies for the ecosystem of news reporting.


We live in the era of the media quartet, where print, web, tablet, and mobile coexist and provide unique opportunities for journalists.


Mobile devices are where the greatest need is for a variety of visual storytelling tools. This book points these out, describes them in detail and presents the theoretical as well as the practical.

Dr. Mario R. García
CEO/Founder, García Media (
Hearst Digital Media Professor in Residence
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism


Robb has written the definitive guide to mobile journalism.


It is incredibly thorough without being bulky or dense (it’s an open and airy and visually compelling 115 pages).


Robb covers everything from the basics (who doesn’t need a refresher?) to subject management (“The Trust Bubble”) to gear (who hasn’t wondered: What’s the best camera for the job?) to interactivity (photo apps, mobile, social) to some pretty heady stuff (“Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”).


AND it’s interactive! Robb walks the walk. He takes you through each step in straightforward language with beguiling interactive illustrations (Watch out: you’ll spend hours clicking on this photo or that interactive map or a cool instructional video!).


Perhaps the topper is that the guide will never go out of date: It’s an ebook Robb plans on updating on a regular basis. This is a no-brainer purchase if you’re a photographer or a student or especially if you are a journalism professor. Get it!”

John Wilpers
Senior Director/U.S.
Innovation Media Consulting
Boston, MA

The Mobile Guide to Journalism is the only complete source for those wanting to dive into this new field. Robb takes you though the needed steps to become a great content maker.
Montgomery is definitely the Jedi Master!

David Basulto
Inventor, iOgrapher
San Marino, California



This guide will transform the way you use your mobile phone to tell compelling and visual journalistic stories. Robb Montgomery is a visionary trainer showing us the next wave in media production. Here he makes it accessible and easy: everything you need to know is presented in a simple and engaging style.


Tarek Atia
CEO and Founder
EMDP (Egypt Media Development Program)

Covering stories using mobile devices can be a daunting experience for even a tech-savvy journalist. Luckily, we have Robb Montgomery’s new ‘ A Field Guild for Mobile Journalism’ series to guide us through what to do — and, more importantly, what to NOT do. The first installment, “Photo,” is so simple and clear that, dang, even I might be able to do this.

Charles Apple
Focus page editor, Orange County Register

​Robb’s comprehensive ‘A Field Guide for Mobile Journalism’ is the ​‘go-to​’ and​ ​‘how-to’​ for mobile visual journalism. Congratulations for publishing this masterpiece of bringing the complexity of mojo technology to the level of simplicity in real-world ​practice.

Martha L Stone
CEO, World Newsmedia Network
Founding training director, WAN-IFRA Newsplex, newsrooms of the future


Robb Montgomery’s ‘A Field Guide for Mobile Journalism’ is a great tool to have in your journalism toolkit.

Ken Harper
Asst. Professor, Multimedia Photography & Design
Director, Newhouse Center for Global Engagement
S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications
Syracuse University