From the GEN News Summit’s stunning venue at Hôtel De Ville in Paris, the Summit host Matt Kelly details the conference’s highlights and the value GEN brings to your newsroom.

These behind the scenes photos show the making of this film.
The day began with an early morning flight from Berlin to Paris and a return flight at 9 p.m.

In the hours between, the amazing Julia Hewkin and I organized the video lights, Colm Curneen refined the scripts and we joined Antoine Laurent and summit host, Matt Kelly at the Hôtel De Ville.

I used the great Telepromt+ iPad app to help Matt read his lines.
GEN staffers Colm Curnney and Antoine Laurent took turns in roles of Best Boy, grip, stand-in, lighting model, script doctor and simulated audience while we filmed at various locations.

We had very little time on set to make these moments and many thanks to the Hôtel De Ville staff for granting us privileged access to film.


Colm Curneen stands in while I set the lights and framing.


Matt reading his lines while Matt holds the iPad teleprompter just below the camera lens.


New location, new light set-up and blocking rehearsal.
Detail of the camera and iPad setup.
Each take was filmed from multiple camera angles.


Adjusting light levels on the dimmer pack.

The Hôtel De Ville is a spectacular location and this crew was great to work with.


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