Take a peek inside a mobile filmmaker’s backpack.

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This is what is inside the backpack I use for video reporting and guerrilla filmmaking in the field.

Hover over the hotspots above to get more details about the bare essentials I pack with me when filming protests in Rome or filmmaking in Scottish glens.

Any bag put together for such purposes must be light, discreet and versatile enough to solve problems that will arise in the field.

  • Light: Because this bag may be on your back for six hours as you hike across a mountain ridge.
  • Discreet: Because your cameras are be a target for thieves and others who may wish to interfere with your filmmaking and field reporting. 
  • Versatile: Because this selection of gear can easily be configured in many different ways depending upon the needs of the moment.  

Now if that is too much for you, then I would say that are the bare minimum essentials for any reporter’s MOJO video ‘go-bag’:

USB Power bank  – plus cables

Shoulderpod S1  
Smartlav+ microphone
Joby Micro tripod
Two folding desktop microphone stands (with adapters)

An LED face light –  Luxpad 22

With this gear a reporter can produce stable live-stream video, gather sound bites, and make quality voice overs. It is possible to also make pieces-to-camera and interviews segments.

Of course, for specific assignments or filming projects I will supplement my basic kit with special purpose tools like the ones shown in the slides below.

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