Welcome to Robb Montgomery‘s gear list for mobile filmmaking and mobile journalism.

Smooth filming

With a gimbal

The original DJI Osmo mobile gimbal is a popular smartphone filming add-on.

When pros make smartphone videos with motion shots, they want smooth tracking.

Here is what my broadcast clients use with the iPhone 6S+ model (The 4K model with a headphone/mic jack).

No money
for a gimbal?

Then this simple rig will help you to record better quality video with your mobile phone.

In this setup, the cold shoe is used to hold a Rode mic.


Light ’em up!

For interviews you can also place an LED Light from Rotolight on top of the rig to illuminate a face.

Adding Shoulderpod parts to the basic rig above makes for a secure setup that is also nimble.

UK reporter Caroline Scott, doing a field interview at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia.

(Photos by French-Swiss mobile journalists, Perrine Millet and Julie Strellaa)

Digital microphones

The Sennheiser HandMic Digital is a great unit for live streaming video, but if you already own a great-sounding dynamic mic, check out this option.

Røde reporter mic with i-XLRShoulderpod grip, Manfrotto MT-Pixi-B tripodCamvate camera grip.

Just add an iPhone and stream live with pro audio with your favorite app.

A lot of pros also like the Shure MV-88 digital condenser microphone.

It is a great choice for podcasts and, of course, iPhone models that do not have a headphone/mic jack.

A 4K anamorphic cinema rig featuring an iPhone 6S+ in a Helium Core cage with a Moondog Labs lens.

Mobile filmmaking

The rig above is capable of producing commercial quality work and it is a very low cost way to get started making professional films.

It features an amazing anamorphic lens that allows you to capture scenes that look like this.

This rig films pro video at a native 2.39:1 aspect ratio – using the same technique that Hollywood filmmakers have used for decades.

Shown with Manfrotto mini tripod, the Moondog Labs ND filters and a Røde Videomic Pro  (Plus SC4 adapter cable!)

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