The processInnovation  Workshop
How to design customer-focused solutions for your business

This workshop features a guided process where your teams explore and solve customer-focused problems and develop roadmaps to develop new solutions for well-defined audiences.

Your team will gain practical experience crafting a business model concept that clearly identifies a business problem or opportunity, the ideal customer experience, and a solution that can be measured, iterated and scaled.

Your team will be led by the instructor to:

  1. Draft a problem statement or new opportunity
  2. Build user personas
  3. Define minimum viable features
  4. Draw the customer journey map
  5. Craft a Unique Service Position statement
  6. Define a key metric to measure their proposed solution
  7. Develop paper prototypes to show viable
  8. List resources needed and timeline to build a minimum viable product
  9. Map inputs to a business model canvas
  10. Draw a pitch board on large easel paper

At the end of the workshop, each team will deliver a three-minute ‘Shark-Tank” style pitch to a senior manager for feedback.


An innovation workshop can be organized as a one-day sprint, as part of a three-day coaching visit, or as a week-long ‘StoryLab’ sprint or ‘Maker’s Week’.

The key for planning successfully employing any variation is to first know the level of effort required in the pre-planning stage.

The client decides on the best choice for their workshop, what the challenge theme(s) will be and who should participate in the sessions.

This Design Thinking Workshop can be organized:

  1. As a StoryLab or “Makers Week” company event. 
(To encourage culture change and continuous Innovation by prototyping new solutions)
  2. As a coaching visit that combines consulting, training and this innovation workshop


A workshop is a team-based, human-centered problem solving experience.

These workshops are analog, organic, human-scaled and laptop free.  Post-it note blotters, large white boards, markers, dot stickers, and a wide-open workspace with large tables and wall space is all that is needed.

This method is analog, hands-on, creative, collaborative and yields a business result.

Participants will roll up sleeves and leave behind suit jackets, ties, laptops and mobile phones in the wardrobe.

Teams are provided with worksheets, toolkits and briefings by the Sprint master at various stages in the session to help them generate fresh approaches to their solutions.


Design Thinking is the initial phase of any new project. It leads the development of an idea that begins with identifying a clear user need and builds a decisive path towards a hypothesis that can be validated quickly and cheaply.

What clients say:
“Montgo​m​ery’s Design Thinking workshop gave us immediate and tangible results, projects and ideas we have decided to implement into our products!
Robb managed to unlock the creative and innovative potential​ ​of our staff – it was impressive.
Not only did we have impact through proposals created during his three-day visit, but we also saw an impact on the motivation​ ​and loyalty of our employees.
Enabling our team for this kind of “work play” meant enabling a competitive edge for our company and acquiring​ ​a new kind of necessary literacy.
This is why, in the end, we decided to​ ​provide all of Robb’s online courses to all of our employees – as a mandatory​ ​educational program.”

Boris Trupčević
General Manager for Croatia
Styria Media International GbmH

What are you waiting for? Design thinking can empower your business.

Ask me about a  workshop with your team.