The best gear for mobile video journalism and mobile filmmaking for broadcast TV and film productions. Low cost solutions!

Essential mobile video Gear

This is the mobile video gear you first need for your smartphone to start filming professional video. It will last a long time and you won’t be spending a lot of money.

These are the essentials: This humble rig is the foundation for more advanced setups.

This is the kit for Ukrainian journalists when we teach them in immersive mobile journalism workshops.

The gear list

At first you may be thinking that you will need extra lenses and a gimbals before you can shoot good quality video. That’s not true.

Add a drone!

Add a low-cost drone for creative shots that will delight you and your viewers.

Joerdis was the first German journalist to report mobile journalism stories for Die Welt in 2007.
She reported daily podcasts and picture stories from the world’s largest trans-ocean race.

Today she is a licensed drone filmmaker and this is the drone she carries in her backpack for filming outdoor expeditions across the sea and the Alps.

Joerdis’ drone for mobile filming

Gear List

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