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Mobile Journalism - Video Training Courses

Mobile Journalism Masterclass now includes a bonus course on #FiLMiCPro and #LumaFusion.

The mobile journalism certificate course offered by Journalism Co UK has been upgraded! The 6-week masterclass now includes a bonus pack of newly-minted tutorials that cover  the Filmic Pro setups for iPhone 11 and a complete LumaFusion editing sequence of tutorials.   Special offer: Our online six-week ‘Mobile journalism masterclass’ course now includes a quick […]

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Where will mobile journalism take us?

Where will mobile journalism take us? Interview about Mobile Journalism by Ashley Pla of Spanish Public Radio Television (RTVE) with answers by Robb Montgomery (@Videojournalist on Twitter) Q&A about mobile journalism. What advantages does mobile journalism offer? Montgomery: “A modern smartphone is the most powerful reporter’s notebook ever invented. So that means reporters can use […]

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