Earn a certificate in mobile video and train your entire team.

The best-selling online courses from the Smart Film School have earned hundreds of five-star reviews and are used by leading organizations to train their staff, faculty and students.

People use Smart Film School courses in a number of ways.

1) To complete a certificate course for their own professional development

2) To license a course for their classroom (For example 50 students in a semester-long course)

3) To request the university librarian to order a campus license for a pack of courses to offer to a larger group of students and faculty.

Bulk Education pricing is available for the classroom and campus license options.

Mobile Journalism Training for teams

The United Nations, Danish School of Journalism and the University of Bedfordshire by offering this 5-star rated certificate-training library of digital storytelling and mobile journalism masterclasses from the Smart Film School.

Providing staff and students access to our top-rated training courses.

View the professional development courses at the Smart Film School.

The UN has accredited our certificate course in digital storytelling.

Certificate courses for professional development

Clients like the United Nations have booked our online course in Digital Storytelling and added the Instructor-led option that allows for weekly engagement and personalized coaching.

Our instructor-led courses can include weekly assignments, private classroom engagement, projects for managers to view, and issuance of official Smart Film School certificates to candidates who complete all of the coursework and projects.


Media development programs like the Women in News program run by WAN-IFRA use our courses to train batches of 50 people at a time from different regions around the globe.

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Education pricing

For classrooms or every student on campus.

The Digital Storytelling course packs are offered as 12-month renewable subscriptions with bulk discounts at the following levels.

Classroom License – up to 50 persons

Department License – up to 200 persons

Campus License – up to 1,000 persons

The simple purchasing and registration system we offer makes it quick and easy to grant your team access to the course material anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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Participants say these certificate courses provide:

+ Valuable information

+ Clear explanations

+ Engaging delivery

+ Helpful practice activities

+ Projects that build a digital portfolio

+ Knowledgeable instructor


The proven online classroom

The e-Learning video courses in the Smart Film School teach mobile journalism and storytelling techniques for modern content production.
Since 2014, Smart Film School courses have earned the highest form of social proof — gathering tens of thousands of happy online students who leave 5-Star reviews and enthusiastic endorsements.

Smart Film School Courses are the only video masterclasses to be Independently awarded as international ‘Best-Sellers.’ Our courses are kept up-to-date with frequent content refreshes that include new exercises, case studies and methods.

+ Support innovation and digital storytelling

+ Includes dozens of exercises.

+ Deliver broadcast-quality video tutorials.

+ Offers bite-sized lesson modules designed for self-learning.

+ Project assignments for managing progress

What students say:

Elvin Eldria
“All is covered for minimalist filmmaking, and not only i-phone. Android is pretty well covered here. The course is very detailed, with examples, names of brand, prices. All kind of situations are covered: outdoor, studio, interview… name it. Also all about sound and light is detailed, with hardware options. I feel really it’s worth the price, bravo!”

Jane Lee
“This course is packed with rich content and information on how to create videos. Each lecture provided instructional materials and tools to help you make video production easy. This is a course not to be missed. ”

Randy Hendricks
“Once I started the course, I could not quit until I had completed it. Each segment was interesting, informative, creatively presented and edited with precision. I loved the course and learned a lot from it.”

Daniel Clifton
“Robb’s teaching style is very engaging and he does a great job of presenting the material in a easy-to-learn manner.”

Janet Vasil
“The Instructor’s knowledge and experience are top notch and his many training programs are always presented in a clear, concise way.”

Danny Sparks
“Wow! Great content! One of the best courses I have taken!”

Christopher McGinnis
“ I learned a lot of great tips and useful tools to help me create quality videos. This course is highly recommended!”

Eddie Mikell
“Excellent detail in the examples. Like the fact that he gives real equipment names for use with the iPhone, so you don’t have to try to search google or amazon to find something that might or might not work.”

Jerry George
“To the point. Videos are precise and focus on one aspect at a time.”

Devon Huey
“I really enjoyed all the tips and tricks. Background stories of how the pictures and videos were created helped a lot to get me thinking in that direction. Thank you for this course.”

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