United Nations

I have been invited by the United Nations to lead their Public Information officers in 59 countries in a 6-week online course in Digital Storytelling methods.  Read the Syllabus.


The call came out of the blue early this summer from Manhattan, and later I learned that I had been referred to them by the dean of a top US journalism school.  A mysterious someone who has been in cryptic contact with me ever since we launched the Smart Film School project. Maybe one day I will meet the fine professor and thank him personally for this amazing opportunity.

The UN is unlike any other partner. They do a lot of vetting before approving you to work with their staff. After a month or so, I finally got a call from New York City confirming that my instructor-led training program was chosen as the top course.

Typically the UN doesn’t call you.

Institutions normally submit blind tenders to very specific projects. This is the kind of work that the staffs of big-time firms, universities and foundations do to win projects. Not little old professors like me.

Pretty soon our class will kickoff with a Webinar and then the first batch of PIOs will have their work cut out for them as there many assignments in this masterclass.

I can’t wait to guide them on this academic journey.