“How do we make stories that mobile users will love?” is a great question to ask these days as the intersection of mobile+social+video continues to grow stronger and more profound.

This topic creates a number of exciting possibilities and opportunities for mobile storytellers and story builders.


This topic is something that I have been researching and presenting on since 2010, when I built the pitch deck for what became the world’s first mobile-first newsroom and journalism school.

There have been so many developments in this space since that time that I find myself constantly updating the presentation and challenging the themes they reveal. 

I have given this talk in several venues over the last four months (Singapore, Warsaw, Hamburg, Perugia, Dublin, and Vienna) and each time it has to be refreshed because of the speed of innovation happening with mobile+social+video.

I”ll be presenting the latest version at the sold out News:Rewired event in London on July 16.

There is a standby wait list for the conference, but the mobile video workshop I will be leading on July 17 is completely sold out.