Astronomy photos with iPhone (and without Lightroom)
Yes it is possible, even with the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This is a 10-second exposure featuring the Constellation of Orion rising over Arches National Park in January, 2020. Only one slight correction for shadows was needed.

The previous night was full moon and that helps out this shot at Monument Valley the night before. Only one minor adjustment was needed – in this case to pull down the black point.

Stars will become less sharp with exposure times over 10 seconds. (due to the Earth’s rotation) You may also catch a satellite (it appears as a white streak) This photo is completely uncorrected.

I don’t have Apple watch to use for remote, so I simply use the built-in self-timer in the camera app to release the ‘shutter.’ Always lock exposure and focus.

It will look really dark in the viewfinder at first. It can take some seconds after exposure for the image to develop.

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