This post is for the people who have been asking for slides after my recent lectures on this topic in Italy, Cairo, Chicago, Paris, Vienna, Warsaw, and Zagreb.

Here you go: I am posting these handout slides from my keynote presentation: A Revolution in Storytelling – Can Mobile Video and Design Thinking can save your newsroom? 

TIP: Join me at the Lviv Media Forum in May for the next presentation.

BTW, This talk is always updated and started out seven years ago with the title “Your Smartphone is your newsroom” after I had built the MOJO app and mobile video training for RFE/RL broadcast reporters and the S.M.A.R.T. Media Lab.

The lecture has been updated after The New York Times said it was rethinking their reporting to allow them to be led by visual-first journalism, which is a pretty big deal for some.

As you can see, my strategic partners and I have been ready for this for quite a while . . .