Here is my list of essential apps for reporters.

Smartphone screen with 12 mobile journalism apps
DoubleTakeRecord front and rear cameras at same timeXFree
YouTubeFast uploader and channel managerXXFree
MultiResizeBatch edit photos for quicker uploading timesXFree
VN Video EditorVideo editing appXXFree
Voice Record ProProfessional audio recordingXFree
GrooveboxGenerate original music grooves for copyright free soundtracksXFree
All TrailsMultimedia reporting with GPS tracking and PhotosXXFree
ClipsGenerate animated text and graphics for overlaysXFree
Native CamThis is still my “Go-To” cameraXXFree
Photo AlbumFind your shots in one placeXXFree
Filmic ProPro Camera for TV and Film XX$14.99
LumaFusionPro video editorXX$29.99

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Check out this video I made that shows how a reporter can use the DoubleTake app in the field.  

Some professional-level apps like LumaFusion are only available on the iOS platform. VN video editor works well on both Android and iOS, so I keep it on my phone for teaching purposes. VN also can do some special effects that are exclusive, so it is pretty handy.

mobile journalism masterclass

I teach you how to use this apps in my six-week Mobile Journalism Masterclass. This course is only offer a few times per year in partnership with Journalism Co UK.

My apps list is constantly refreshed at the companion site for the Mobile Journalism text book. 

Chapter titles in the the mobile journalism textbook

Happy Filming!

Robb Montgomery
Author, Mobile Journalism (2020) and Smartphone Video Storytelling (2018)
Director of the Smart Film School
Chair, Mobile Journalism Awards