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A review of my favorite Presentation: “Your Smartphone is Your Newsroom,” given in Singapore for WAN-IFRA Digital Media Asia 2014.

It is the latest version of a talk I have been giving since 2010. All fresh examples!

“Your Smartphone is Your Newsroom” is a popular presentation by mobile and video journalism expert, Robb Montgomery. As a mobile journalism pioneer, he has been delivering it since 2010. It is constantly refreshed with new examples of best practices.

The shift to mobile-first journalism is also challenging journalists and newsrooms to produce more journalism using mobile devices. Montgomery will show new ways of reporting and sharing multimedia stories that connect with mobile consumers.

We will also show what it takes to begin to retool a news operations into a mobile-first operation by organizing workflows around highly-responsive mobile news production and delivery.

Robb Montgomery works with large media houses like Radio Free Europe to retool their thinking, training and workflows around mobile journalism, mobile apps and delivering a great mobile experience from top to bottom.