My Italian colleague Francesco Facchini recently posted a tweet about how to make money as a mojo. It is an excellent question and I want to share 17 tips for making it as a MOJO.

Many of my clients have Mojo teams in their newsrooms and often Mojo is a core skill now for many of my trainees. If you are independent, things can be different.

The best way to earn money with mobile journalism is to develop a reputation with your skills and portfolio and then learn the networking methods that will organically grow the attention to what you can deliver with Mojo.

Here is a list of things you can do today to boost your potential.

  1. Join an online community of Mojo professionals
  2. Offer Airbnb experiences in your neighborhood
  3. Enter film festivals
  4. Start writing a blog or book
  5. Mentor and/or sponsor high-potential people
  6. Start a new podcast
  7. Learn the latest new skills and story forms
  8. Publicly present your work
  9. Reconnect with friends and show them your mojo films
  10. Be an influencer
  11. Sign up as a freelancer on Storyhunter
  12. Make mojo part of your job, Show your boss your portfolio!
  13. Earn a professional development certificate through your employer or government grant program
  14. Make a portfolio and showreel of your best work
  15. Organize local meetups
  16. Support the Mobile Journalism Awards
  17. Volunteer a workshop at your company, house of workshop or library

Presenting my student’s mojo portfolio June 14, 2019 at the GEN Summit- in Athens
(Photo by Maro Kouri)