I am in Zagreb at the offices of 24SATA where today the video team took ownership of one of the hot new 360 video filming rigs: The GoPro Omni.

I am here all week visiting with the teams, making a film documentary and spending time sharing best practices for 360 video, Branded Facebook live streams and creating hit YouTube channels.

24SATA is doing five Facebook live events per day, this one streamed live with the DJI Osmo camera and a Sennheiser AVX Wireless mic.

Make sure you get an ambisonic microphone and 6-track field audio recorder BEFORE you go out and buy an expensive camera like this.

High quality 360-audio is much more important than having a six-camera rig.

Why? The audio narrative is a high-fidelity UX. And, 360 video visuals for journalism projects are usually pixellated and highly compressed due to streaming and buffering.
The audio delivery is not.

Also on-screen graphics are key . . .

Anyways – you probably know all this . . . if not. 

I am available for consulting in the new year