Use these 8 Great Facebook tips to improve your news feeds and reach more of your actual friends.

  1. Most content from your friends never reaches you. If you want to see more items from specific people put them in a list and visit that list. Lists show all new posts. 
  2. Mark your friends in either the “close friends” or “acquaintance” lists. That improves your feed results instantly. 
  3. If you have friends who never like, never share, never comment, and never post their own items, THEY HURT YOU. The takeaway? Unfriend the lurkers in your friend list. 
  4. SHARE three posts from someone else about stuff you are interested in. If it’s tech you love, share tech. If it’s fashion, you’ll see more of that in your feed as a result. 
  5. Write your original posts about one particular topic. You’ll see even more of that same topic on your news feed. 
  6. Turn off as much privacy as you are comfortable with. Let people follow you, instead of friend you. Then post some things to public. You’ll find your posts start getting an audience you never knew existed. 
  7.  You can still post to just your family even after you turn on following. Each post has its own privacy 
  8. Use Facebook’s native tools to upload videos, photos and links. Your reach will will be diminished by Facebook for posting links to YouTube videos, reposting from Twitter or other tools like Hootsuite.