Get started making incredible multimedia story cards that can be shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
What is a story card?
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This is an example of a story card I made from a few photos whilst making dinner last night.

I shared the card on Instagram and I use two IFTTT recipes to automatically post it to Facebook and Twitter in a way that shows the complete story card in my streams.

An IFTT recipe that lets your followers see your story cards.

All great story card starts with a simple idea like this. Sharing a tasting recipe, for example.

A story card is a visually-led, self-contained story that can be easily shared on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Story cards can also be shared on popular chat platforms like WhatsApp and Viber.

They are fun an easy to make using free or low-cost apps on your iPhone.

Story cards can combine photos, video clips and text to convey an idea or experience in an economy of time. 

The tools to make these micro stories are simple, but the compact, short-form nature of the medium will challenge your storytelling skills.

The key to creating a good story card is to learn how to master the art of photo-led storytelling. 

Making and organizing sequences of pictures or video clips that connect together easily to give a viewer a sense of process.

Close-up photos that focus in details often work best, so take lots of these!

Close up shots of making the salad.

These are the apps I used to make the story card example I show at the top of this post.

Do you want to learn how to make great story cards?

Everyone has a story to tell and the people who have the skills to communicate their ideas with story cards will be able to spread their ideas to others in a powerful new medium.

I teach these topics in my Mobile Storytelling workshops and I am busy making a new course in the Smart Film School that will feature 20 video lessons that show the step-by-steps involved.

There will also be many tips for improving your photo and video storytelling so that you too can make great story cards that communicate your ideas!

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