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This post is where you can find all the dispatches, videos, photos, gear lists, apps, and more from the 700 kilometer Berlin to Copenhagen #MojoTrek bike tour.

Reporter’s Notebook

Every kilometer tells a story:

Highlights from each bicycle stage.

0 Kilometer
We delay tour start from Berlin by one day due to weather. We take the chance to repack out gear. We are travelling heavy.

92 Kilometers  
Cycle from Berlin to Zegelei Park in Mildenberg. (Trail map)

Tent camping for two nights at Alter Hafen guest house.

150 Kilometers  
Note to self: The first Mecklenburg section of bike trail has more than 1.2 kilometers of vertical elevation. Exhausted after only 50km, we pitch our tent at a campground at the Zierker See.

Let’s race!

242 Kilometers
We probably lost 10 pounds in sweat today cycling along the dark and dusty country roads for nine hours between Neustrelitz and Waren.

We had to pitch in the dark after the nine-hour #MojoTrek bike ride to Waren. Takes 17 minutes to get Hilleberg Tarp 10 and Naiak tent staked in. Another minute to hang the Exped mosquito net and spread the mats. Red light headlamps help!

We have now made up the lost kilometers from the day before and earned a day off to enjoy the watersports at the lake. (and tend to sore muscles)

Recovery day at Waren.
We do not ride today, rather relax at the beach which is exactly 87 steps from our campsite. Our solar lamps need a recharge too! (And our power banks too. Today is also “Laundry Day” deluxe because this campground has machines. Usually we have to wash by hand in our Ortlieb sink.

The March to Rostock
We have an eye on the weather as thunderstorms are forecast the area for the next stage.

Huts made just for bike tourists are found at guest houses along the Berlin to Copenhagen trail.

278 Kilometers
Waren is a holiday destination the Lake Muritz.

Takes us about 17 minutes to unpack and set up “Camp Monty.”

Many campgrounds circle the lake and the village features the usual trappings for tourists.

360 photo taken with
Insta360 R and shared to Facebook.

We take the sunset in with a bike tour into the village to refresh our groceries and stop for a 360- selfie.

Packing in the rain

We have reached Stage Six of the 14 bicycle stages. Overnight and morning thunderstorms had us packing up and cycling in rain gear to reach our guest house in Linstow.

Rain. Rain.
We will dry our gear out in rural style at a Linstow Gutshaus.

No tent tonight after completing Stage Six of #MojoTrek.
We are drying our camp gear for the next bike stage.

345 Kilometers
Linstow to Bützow Stage is a 73 km ride from the Gutshaus to a kayak-themed campground.

We make the 4-hour kayak tour operated by the couple that runs the campground and discover a local wine shop that sells only Georgian wines.

408 Kilometers
The final hour of the last bike stage in Germany held a surprise for us.

Screen capture from the BikeGPX app of the bike trail map I pre-loaded back in Berlin.

Our fifth and final German tent pitch is right on the Baltic Sea, at a place called Börgerende.

A thunder shower greeted us as we reached the Baltic Sea at Warnemünde.

In the aftermath wake, the storm left us with a glorious sunset to timelapse film.

On Monday we take the short ferry ride from Rostock to Gedser, Denmark to start the six bike stages to reach Copenhagen.

468 Kilometers
We have arrived in Denmark.

Nykøbing Falster, Denmark
After donning our rain gear four times on the first Danish cycling stage, we elect for a bike hut to sleep in so we can dry our gear.

559 Kilometers
We made it to the isle on Møn where we will tour around the next few days. There are giant cliffs to explore and we have to hunker down one day for a big rainstorm to pass through.

Today’s ride time was 4 hours and 45 minutes.

615 Kilometers
We made the 55km round tour to the Møns Klint cliffs in non-stop rain.

‪I should be showing you a video of the awesome limestone cliffs of Møn. We cycled for hours to reach them only to get stranded 100 meters away in this Danish storm shelter.‬
‪This is extreme #mojo.‬

‪After 15 days of #MojoTrek bicycle touring we can pause for a #Mojo coffee and plot our assault on Copenhagen.

665 Kilometers
We are within striking distance of Copenhagen. We will take a rest day at Vemmetofte Beach pressing on to the pentultimate stage at Køge..

729 Kilometers
We are making our last tent pitch of this tour. We have spent 12 nights out of the 19 in our tiny Hilleberg Naiak tent, and we love it.

Spending all day and night outside is a treasure.

We are 55 kilometers from Copenhagen.

787 Kilometers
We reach Copenhagen after a final push against the wind, uphill and under cloudless skies.


View from our loft at the Citizen M Hotel

We spent 51 hours, 35 minutes in the bike saddle and 20 days on this #MojoTrek. It will take all of seven hours to return to Berlin by train.

We made made 15 short films, used up 11 band-aids and one tube of Icy-Hot.


A photo gallery of how we cook on this #MojoTrek.

The apps

These are the mobile apps I use to make
this mobile journalism reporting.

We ride with two Cube Kathmandu XT-class trekking bikes and we attach four bike Bags a “Kitchen” and a “Sleeping Bag.”
These are not E-bikes.

Our bags are packed two days before the trip. And repacked again the day before to balance weight across the bike frame

I am @RobbMonty on Instagram.

Camp Bag One – Camp chairs, table, solar lamps, and food.
Weight: 9 kg

Camp Bag Two – Tent, mosquito net, tarp poles pegs and mats
Weight: 9 kg

Kitchen – Stove, utensils, cookware, plates, sink, cleanup, laundry line, etc.
Weight: 7 kg

Bag Jöerdis – Personal items and tech
Weight: 9kg

Bag Robb – Personal items and cameras
Weight: 11 kg

Yellow Sleeping bag – Blankets, mats, silks, pillows for tent.
Wight: 3 kg

TOTAL LOAD: 48 kg 

  • bikes with travel bags
  • Danish Shelter camp site with tent

We could make this trip a lot easier if we just cycled from village to village and stayed in a hotel each night. That may be fine for some, but if you look the travel films we have made over the years that is not the best definition of a #MojoTrek.


All videos from this #MojoTrek adventure story will appear in this YouTube Playlist.
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Camera gear

All #MojoTrek filmmaking gear has to fit into the top of one bike bag.
Here is the kit I brought with.


Filmmaking Rigs

Social Media

Mobile Journalism