This #MojoTrek features some new gear for mobile filmmaking a mobile journalism.

We will use this extended adventure to test out the gear we selected and make many story types to be able to share a variety of moments along the journey.

Follow this post to see the latest videos and photos from each of the 14 stages on the tour.

Camera gear

All #MojoTrek filmmaking gear has to fit into the top of one bike bag.
Here is the kit I brought with.


Filmmaking Rigs

The apps

These are the apps I am using to film, edit and upload the reporting on this #MojoTrek adventure.

Insta360 camera

We’ll be documenting the 700 kilometer cycle trip travel with this 360 cam from Insta360.

My DIY “Bullet time rig” is made from a spare photo handle and two safety cables borrowed from my studio light truss.

One 360 camera, two German Cube Kathmandu XT-class bikes, four waterproof bike bags loaded with camping, cooking and rain gear.

Check out the GPX trail maps and mobile map apps that I use to chart the course between Belin and Copenhagen

In my first road tests this popular clamp just did not have enough grip to hold the rig steady on the trails.

My improved camera mounting rig is simple and strong. It is made from a Manfrotto Super Clamp, a Insta360 selfie stick and a double-male 1/4-mount adapter.

Here is a peek at what this rig is producing. My field test at the Brandenburg Gate.