You may be interested in the launch of this fresh journalism education project that is now going live in Germany. It has MOJO modules and a whole lot more.


The ReporterFabrik web akademie from the esteemed Correctiv investigative journalism team has now launched in Beta.

One year in the making — it has an impressive mandate and affordable training resources.

Check me out in German!

Live video reporting with a smartphone

Smartphone Video Reporting II

Mobile Video Editing

Good videos with your smartphone

Creative filming with the smartphone

The goal of this project is to bring low-cost journalism education to the German-speaking public, raise news literacy and teach new skills.

It is similar to Poynter’s NewsU project, but offered in the German style. It is extremely well-structured and features Germany’s top journalists doing the teaching.
Naturally it is entirely in German, but a Google translate of the materials posted there will help you understand the scope quite easily.
 This project is a great signal that our profession and journalism and educators can make a difference.
 I hope other journalism leaders will see this project and be inspired to do something similar in their local languages.
 I guess that you will hear about the ReporterFabrik (Reporter Factory) project all next year in journalism conferences worldwide.
Disclaimer: I contributed my MOJO tutorials to the project and they translated them completely to German.
It will be interesting to see what they sound like when they go live in January.

The translation work took several months and was done by German TV broadcast experts in Hamburg (so they know what they are doing, I reckon.)