How we packed bicycle camp gear for the Berlin to Copenhagen tour

  • bikes with travel bags
  • Danish Shelter camp site with tent

We ride with two Cube Kathmandu XT-class trekking bikes and we attach four bike bags, a “Kitchen” and a “Sleeping Bag.”

These are not E-bikes.

Berlin to Copenhagen Bike tour
Our bags are packed two days before the trip. And repacked again the day before to balance weight across the bike frame

Camp Bag One – Camp chairs, table, solar lamps, and food.
Weight: 9 kg

Camp Bag Two – Tent, mosquito net, tarp poles pegs and mats
Weight: 9 kg

Kitchen – Stove, utensils, cookware, plates, sink, cleanup, laundry line, etc.
Weight: 7 kg

Bag Jöerdis – Personal items and tech
Weight: 9kg

Bag Robb – Personal items and cameras
Weight: 11 kg

Yellow Sleeping bag – Blankets, mats, silks, pillows for tent.
Wight: 3 kg

TOTAL LOAD: 48 kg 

We could make this trip a lot easier if we just cycled from village to village and stayed in a hotel each night. That may be fine for some, but if you look the travel films we have made over the years that is not the best definition of a #MojoTrek.

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