Reporter’s Notebook

Every kilometer tells a story:

The bike tour between Berlin and Copenhagen is made up of 14 stages.

buke trail Berlin to Copenhagen bike route
The route is more than 700 kilometers long. We make the travel in August when the weather is best for tent camping.

Berlin to Copenhagen: The GPX Maps of All 14 Stages

I will make updates to this story as it unfolds over 20 days.

Each stage of the tour will begin with a progress bar at the top indicating our current position and number of kilometers travelled to that point.


This bar will fill up as we make progress towards Copenhagen,

You can also use these BUTTONS below like chapter markers in a book to jump to any day on the journey.

mobile filmmaking gear
All of my #MojoTrek filmmaking gear has to fit in the top of one of the bike bags.
Berlin to Copenhagen: Gear list for the #MojoTrek

0 Kilometer
Day one is a non-starter. We decide to delay our start from Berlin by one day due to weather. We will leave at 5 am next day and attempt to complete the first two stages.
This downtime, will allow us to repack out gear and see if we can lighten up our bags. Here is what we are carrying.

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