Lake Muritz

278 Kilometers
Waren is a holiday destination the Lake Muritz.

Takes us about 17 minutes to unpack and set up “Camp Monty.”

Many campgrounds circle the lake and the village features the usual trappings for tourists. It can be tempting to linger longer but we are determined to complete the Berlin to Copenhagen Bike tour.

We take the sunset in with a bike tour into the village to refresh our groceries and stop for a 360 photo selfie.

Packing in the rain

We have reached Stage Six of the 14 bicycle stages. Overnight and morning thunderstorms had us packing up and cycling in rain gear to reach our guest house in Linstow.

Rain. Rain.
We will dry our gear out in rural style at a Linstow Gutshaus.

No tent tonight after completing Stage Six of #MojoTrek.
We are drying our camp gear for the next bike stage.
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