How to make an automation for @FilmicPro that enables airplane mode, disables wi fi and enables do not disturb using the Shortcuts app in iOS 13.


Shortcut automations in iOS13 are a great way to always have the right settings for FilmicPro.


This video shows you how to use the new Shortcuts app in iOS13 to make an automation that will run every time FilmicPro is opened on an iPhone.

I train reporters and they need reliable automatic workflows like this in order to avoid bad quality recording.

In my experience field reporters don’t always have the discipline to remember to make the right kind of swipe and then the tap the buttons in the right sequence.

Especially when they are reporting from the scene of breaking news.

For pros using consumer devices for electronic newsgathering, “set it and forget it” automations are a godsend.


TIP: I also made an automation for when I open my mail app to reverse these settings. 

“Automatic, for the people.”