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5 Ways to Upgrade Your ClubHouse...

5 Ways to Upgrade Your ClubHouse App Profile

I produce workshops with reporters and 𝗧𝗩 π—°π—Όπ—Ώπ—Ώπ—²π˜€π—½π—Όπ—»π—±π—²π—»π˜π˜€ in more than 40 countries for π—₯π—²π˜‚π˜π—²π—Ώπ˜€, CNN, IREX, π™π™π™š π™‰π™šπ™¬ 𝙔𝙀𝙧𝙠 π™π™žπ™’π™šπ™¨, Journalism Co UK, Mediacorp, Radio Free Europe, TVN, BILD, and VRT public broadcasters.

iPhone 11 Pro: Travel Photograph...

iPhone 11 Pro: Travel Photography & Video Masterclass

iPhone 11 Pro Video: Tips, tricks & tutorials for making & editing travel videos. The gear, apps, security, and travel techniques. People love this 5-star rated course that teaches iPhone 11 Pro Max tutorials. Β  In reviews, they even mention the safety lecture where I share my best tips for securing your #MOJO camera gear. […]

Tutorial video – FilmicPro Short

How to make an automation for @FilmicPro that enables airplane mode, disables wi fi and enables do not disturb using the Shortcuts app in iOS 13.     This video shows you how to use the new Shortcuts app in iOS13 to make an automation that will run every time FilmicPro is opened on an […]