iPhone 11 pro video rig
This video rig features an iPhone Pro max that can make Broadcast Quality Live and TV Reporting (plus location filmmaking) with two-tracks of isolated audio.

This rig simulates many of the functions of a professional video camera, but it can make live streams and multitrack video edits while still in the field.

This two-mic SC6-L adapter for iPhone is a game changer. 

It comes with a digital interface which sounds amazing, and provides the ability to record one microphone in the left channel and the other microphone in the right channel. Plus you can monitor with headphones.

In this configuration I make the rig really secure with a high quality metal mini tripod, a metal tripod mount (which rotates, locks, and allows an additional cold shoe mount for the receiver) AndI upgrade the built-in mic of the Røde transmitter with a pro quality lapel microphone and a windjammer.

Gear list

For example You can use the new free DoubleTake app with your iPhone 11 and film two camera shots like this.