BEST MOBILE JOURNALISM APPS & TOOLS – NEW, ESSENTIAL & UNEXPECTED was the topic of our recent Wednesday Clubhouse chat.

My pal Ezra Eeman invited me to round up fellow thought leaders to rap about the best mobile journalism tools and apps.

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This was short notice and allowed us to also ping in awesome people and bring them up on stage to share their tools and experiences.

People from Journalist’s Toolbox, Wondertools, The Smart Film School, Journalism Tools, Kim Fox & Leonor Suarez led the way.

I quickly booted up my MOJO professors bat signal and we assembled a panel.

I ran shotgun as the moderator, bringing people up to comment, managing open mics and keeping the Green Room clean and tidy.
(Just kidding, I come from newspapers, we don’t have VIP green rooms)

We now convene the Mobile Journalism Lounge on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. Please join us!

Here is the link to the next one.

Mobile journalism longe invite to clubhouse

Join us in the “Mobile Journalism Lounge.”
Ask, share, and network with #Mojo thought leaders. 

Wednesday, March 3
9:00 PM CET.

If you are a journalism professor and don’t have access to Clubhouse, please ping me with with your contact details and I’ll effort to get you on boarded.

Robb Montgomery

After the show ended The amazing Ezra compiled the list of tools.

Thank you @ezraeeman!

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  1. easy transcription of any video/voice meeting to notes.
  2. Grain: record, transcribe and highlight any parts of your zoom meetings
  3. Miro: online whiteboard for visual colloaboration
  4. Streaks: a to-do list app that helps you create good habits
  5. Healthy Minds: an easy guide to well-being with podcast style lessons
  6. TeamFlow: a virtual office for your team 
  7. Airalo: local and regional eSIMs for travellers


  1. Mapchecking: crowd size estimation tool
  2. Tin Eyes: reverse image search
  3. Seek: explore and learn about the nature around you
  4. Deep Whois: advanced whois app to look up hostnames, domains,…
  5. Wayback Machine: the internet archive

Filming and Editing

  1. Filmic Pro: advanced mobile video shooting app
  2. Luma Fusion: powerful multitrack video editor
  3. VN Editor: a quick professional video editor
  4. Fyusion: shoot high quality 3D images with your smartphone
  5. Bubbli: make dynamic spherical photos 
  6. Clipdrop: capture and transfer anything around you with AR 
  7. Insta360: small versatile 360 action camera (One R) with easy to use app for reframing and special effects shots


  1. Anchor: easy podcast creation platform
  2. Headliner: promote your podcast with audiograms 

Graphics & Data

  1. Chartistic: mobile charting app
  2. Icongraph: an infographic studio in your pocket
  3. Flourish: easy data visualization and storytelling
  4. Piktochart: infographics, presentations and reports from templates
  5. Canva: graphic design platforms with easy social templates