I put the Insta360 camera though the paces with a 20-day 700 kilometer trek between Berlin and Copenhagen.

It barely survived, but the shots were magical!

Editing Insta360 clips in LumaFusion
I have just released a 45-minute video masterclass on this amazing camera rig.

The rest of the story

The Berlin to Copenhagen story was filmed and posted in real time in August 2020 during the time there was a bicycle travel corridor between Germany and Denmark. We also camped everywhere.

Watch and learn!

Below are shortcuts to help you directly view the segments that may interest you the most

Insta360 Setup
Insta360 Setup – 00:00

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Gear to mount he Insta360 camera to a bike
Insta360 Gear & Hacks – 01:41

Filming some easy trick shots with the Insta360 camera
Insta360 Easy Trick Shots – 07:53
Insta360 Photo to video – 13:43
Transfer media from camera to app
Insta360 Transfer clips to App – 16:56
Reframing Insta360 video clips
Insta360 Reframe 360 shots – 28:40

Editing Insta360 clips in LumaFusion
Insta360 Clips in LumaFusion – 37:06