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iPhone SE – Low cost anamorphic

iPhone SE – Low cost anamorphic cinema rig

Transform your iPhone SE into a low-cost Anamorphic Film Rig with this solid and reliable mobile film gear. For $723 USD you can pair the new iPhone SE (with it’s amazing chip set and low price) with a proven cinema quality filming rig. Helium Core is offering the rig on sale for only $99 at […]

DoubleTake app for mobile journa...

MOJO reporting with #DoubleTake – a  free multicam video recording app from the wizards at Filmic Pro. Here is my first take on using it in the field. Using this app is a breeze. Get it at the App store. You first select which two camera you want to film with and the frame rate […]

Mojo Rig for reporting with iPho...

mobile cinema rig filmmaking image

Max Mojo Rig This is a sturdy video setup for the Mojo reporter covering an event or doing Vox Pop interviews. The rig is durable, well balanced and versatile. I demonstrate in this short video below. Gear list iPhone 11 Pro Max Røde Reporter mic Røde i-XLR digital audio interface Camvate Aluminum handle grip Shoulderpod […]