MOJO reporting with #DoubleTake – a  free multicam video recording app from the wizards at Filmic Pro.

Here is my first take on using it in the field.

Using this app is a breeze. Get it at the App store.

You first select which two camera you want to film with and the frame rate you would like to capture with.

Then you can choose between recording those two cameras as separate (or DISCRETE) video tracks or as single video where they are either combined in a split screen or Picture-in-Picture framing.

Tap on each camera to set focus, white balance, and exposure. Tap again on the reticle to lock those settings down.

You can reposition the picture-in picture shot easily and swipe it away and back again if you like that sort of thing.

Lot of fun to try this setup and future tests will invariably involve filming an interview.

Stay tuned for more developments as the features in this free app will most surely be rolled into Version 7 update for the paid FilmicPro app.