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iPhone 11 Pro Max cinema rig wit...

The iPhone 11 Pro Max cinema rig with professional filmmaking gear attached. Complete gear list. I made a video that shows it in action filming scenes in Berlin. And I will include the gear list here as well. (scroll to the bottom) The Shure MV88 is camera mounted and records a high quality digital stereo […]

Lumafusion 2.02 update – What’s

The LumaFusion 2.02 update brings improvements in the user interface for a more logical workflow for video editing on iPad and iPhone. The developers of LumaFusion are constantly providing updates based on user feedback and it amazing to see the team make the efforts to give pros the tools they rely on for video projects. […]

DJI Osmo Mobile Tutorials

These 10 expert tutorials from the Smart Film School will help you to quickly set up your DJI Osmo Mobile so you can get started recording stabilized video with your phone. Links to the gear shown in this series. DJI Osmo Mobile – Silver Osmo Mobile – Black Osmo Mobile tripod Universal Mount for Osmo Osmo […]

#MOJO: Make a low-cost video stu...

#MOJO: Make a low-cost video studio for Facebook Live, YouTube and Periscope

This multi-camera live studio can transmit 1080p HD video to Facebook, YouTube or Periscope and runs entirely on batteries. Facebook live Periscope livestream FacFacebookGear Test: Make a Live TV Video Studio with Three iPhones and an iPad — #MoJo (@robbmontgomery) May 2, 2017 SMART FILM SCHOOL: At the heart of the system is an […]