This multi-camera live studio can transmit 1080p HD video to Facebook, YouTube or Periscope and runs entirely on batteries.

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FacFacebookGear Test: Make a Live TV Video Studio with Three iPhones and an iPad

— #MoJo (@robbmontgomery) May 2, 2017

SMART FILM SCHOOL: At the heart of the system is an iPad Pro running the Live: Air app.

Caution. This ‘free’ app features several expensive in-app purchases for unlocking advanced features. (I paid $49.99 to remove the Teradek watermark, for example.)

The studio cameras are iPhones that have been retired from #MOJO field work. Camera One is an iPhone 6+ that made MOJO reports from over 20 countries over two years. I attached a small lens from Olloclip to frame the shot for a presenter.

Camera Two is my current #Mojo cam – an iPhone 6S+ – placed into an Osmo Mobile rig. The microphone is not really needed in this configuration as I explain the video.

The iPhone 4s in the teleprompter was rescued from the disabled list to pair up with the $120 Parrot teleprompter.

This gear – plus a versatile studio design – allows me to quickly produce event videos for Webinars, Live Shows for social streams, and video tutorials for e-learning courses.

Bonus: It’s awesome for making Skype calls to your mom.

Now that we have built this studio from top to bottom and tested it with three live platforms, I plan to film a comprehensive course for the Smart Film School.

Those tutorials will go into more details and highlight all the working parts of building a low-cost video studio that delivers high-end results without requiring a big crew or typical TV budget.

Here is the setup I use.

Add iPhone cameras as sources in the app.

The iPhone is now a live video camera source.

The switching app running on a iPad Pro. All shots, segments, show graphics, text overlays and logos are pre-loaded before the show starts.

Set the video file to ‘Stop when done’ to prevent pre-recorded clips from looping.

Set up the livestream for your Facebook page.

Ta da! We are live on our Facebook page.

Happy Filming!

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