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Ultimate #MOJO mic setups for Os...

Ultimate #MOJO mic setups for Osmo Mobile Journalism

We have unboxed and hacked the Osmo Mobile for mobile journalism with field ready setups. Make mobile lives and field reporting with incredible production values without a lot of spend. Here are three microphone setups for professional filming and lives with the Osmo Mobile. Solo mic. Røde Videomic Osmo Universal holder with Sennheiser AVX wireless mics. […]

European TV stations convert 100...

European TV stations convert 100 percent to iPhone for video reporting

The Mobile Newsroom European broadcaster fully embraces mobile-based reporting. All reporters now use iPhone for TV newsgathering. This summer a chain of TV stations in Europe converted to smartphones and all of their reporters are producing all of their field reports with low-cost mobile gear. Here is a rough translation from articles that appeared in […]

Great audio does not have to cos...

Great audio does not have to cost a lot of money

Limited time offer: Coupon codes for our new video courses! Make Great videos with iPhone and iPad$10 off coupon Make Smartphone Video Like a Pro$10 off coupon Getting great-sounding audio is critical.  It is the hardest thing for non-pros to do well.  If you are using an Android or iPhone to film, then the $60 Røde […]