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DoubleTake app for mobile journa...

MOJO reporting with #DoubleTake – a  free multicam video recording app from the wizards at Filmic Pro. Here is my first take on using it in the field. Using this app is a breeze. Get it at the App store. You first select which two camera you want to film with and the frame rate […]

Mojo Rig for reporting with iPho...

mobile cinema rig filmmaking image

Max Mojo Rig This is a sturdy video setup for the Mojo reporter covering an event or doing Vox Pop interviews. The rig is durable, well balanced and versatile. I demonstrate in this short video below. Gear list iPhone 11 Pro Max Røde Reporter mic Røde i-XLR digital audio interface Camvate Aluminum handle grip Shoulderpod […]

iPhone 11 Pro Max cinema rig wit...

The iPhone 11 Pro Max cinema rig with professional filmmaking gear attached. Complete gear list. I made a video that shows it in action filming scenes in Berlin. And I will include the gear list here as well. (scroll to the bottom) The Shure MV88 is camera mounted and records a high quality digital stereo […]

Lumafusion 2.02 update – What’s

The LumaFusion 2.02 update brings improvements in the user interface for a more logical workflow for video editing on iPad and iPhone. The developers of LumaFusion are constantly providing updates based on user feedback and it amazing to see the team make the efforts to give pros the tools they rely on for video projects. […]