I am often asked by colleagues and students about the process of writing a book and I never have, until now, put together a timeline of the events that led to the launch of Smartphone Video Storytelling.

It is a special thing to have a New York publisher take an interest in what you do, invite you to write a book and then offer it for sale in places that you love like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Dussmann book stores.

Here are the milestones from my book project so you can get a sense of the undertaking.

I am adding some relevant screen shots and web links to help you understand just what you can expect before seeing any financial rewards from your efforts.

NOTE: I will now refer to myself in the third person for the rest of this article.
e.g “the author.”


MAY – A New York publisher contacts the author about his topic expertise and invites him to review recent editorial submissions the publisher has received on topics related to the author’s.

AUGUST – Author pitches publisher about writing a ‘recipe book’ for making smartphone video stories.


The first hurdle is significant. Submit your concept along with market research and credentials.



MAY –  Author produces a draft of a sample chapter, the chapter topic outline, and proposed book titles.


The author’s first book was published by Visual Editors in 2014 as an interactive e-book exclusively for Apple iTunes.

JUNE – Submit a formal book proposal to the publisher for board approval. This is a highly formatted and detailed proposal.

A formal 10 page brief includes a topline, target audience personas, expected outcomes from readers, final chapter titles, and an accurate estimate of the number of words, pages and illustrations that will appear in the final version.

Includes attachments of sample chapter, preview of companion web site content, author bio with list of previously published books.

Author must also list similar titles that exist in the marketplace and point to features that will make this new book stand apart.

Author includes additional examples of his writing style and a compilation of review comments and ratings from prominent critics and other independent reviewers of the author’s work.

SEPTEMBER –  Board approves book proposal and a contract is offered to the author.

OCTOBER –  Final negotiations over the book contract are completed. Advance on royalties issued to author.


Book is researched, written and illustrated.
Chapter videos for the companion web site are produced.

AUGUST –  Publisher informs author that the book is scheduled for printing in June 2018. Author invites  Katie Waddington to make first edit of the copy.

DECEMBER – Manuscript is submitted to Publisher. Editor is assigned to project.


MARCH – Book jacket mockups designed and sent to publisher.

Design: Jördis Montgomery

APRIL – Manuscript is finalized, all illustrations supplied and sent to typesetter

JUNE 29, 2018 – Book is published in English.

NABSHOW Las Vegas – Book is featured in the publisher’s booth.


APRIL – German publishers competitively bid to produce the German-language translation. Contracts are negotiated by the publisher’s agent in London.

JUNE – Translated manuscript approved and German-language illustrations are generated by author.

JULY –  Book is released into the German market.


Author photographed a new cover concept for the German edition, featuring a photo of a German journalist.

SEPTEMBER – Sales statements delivered to author every six months along with royalties.


FEBRUARY: Pitch agent on next book proposal.