Smartphone to silver screen – “Sophie Sutton” is a documentary shot on smartphone by a mobile journalist and screening at glitzy film festivals around the world.

Sophie Sutton smartphone film at film festivals

“Sophie Sutton” will debut on the silver screen in LA at the Marina del Rey Film Festival on Oct 17-21, The Chicago International REEl Shorts Film Festival on November 9 and the LA Live Film Festival on November 10.

This #Mojo mini doc was shot with smartphone and tiny mobile gear that all fit into a bike bag while filming in Berlin.

It is not the only non-fiction #MOJO film to earn distinction in global film festivals.

Watch these 4 films – Winners in 6 global film festivals. The films were shot on 3 continents by one filmmaker with a smartphone.

“Sophie Sutton” joins “Ice Swimming,” “The Treehouse” and “Altitude” in earning international recognition for storytelling and cinematography.

Ice Swimming

A woman goes ice swimming for the first time in the frozen harbor of Helsinki in February. This award-winning documentary short film has been awarded the following honors:

  • Finalist in the One World Film Festival
  • Official selection in the MINA Film Festival in Melbourne Australia.
  • Official selection in the Berlin Flash Film Festival

More examples of #MOJO films made with smartphones.

I like to edit my shots while still in the field. The best tool I have found for working in the moment to capture and present an authentic scene is LumaFusion video editor for iOS. I show this process in a Pro Filmmaker profile hosted by Luma-Touch.

Here is a screener of that award-winning #Mojo film  . . .

The Treehouse

Visit to the tallest treehouse in the world. This award-winning film was named a a FINALIST in the @FiLMiCPro One World film contest.

Filmic Pro One World Film Contest

Finalist in the Filmic Pro One World Film Contest


SF3 Film Festival writes: “‘Altitude’ by Mojo filmmaker, Robb Montgomery, is a visit to cloud factories in Chile and Austria. This is one of the most spectacular expressions of smartphone cinematography and what he can do with a time-lapse will take your breathe away.”

‘Altitude’ debuted on the silver screen (which is how you need to experience this film) on Sunday 23rd September, 2018 in Sydney Australia.

Semi-Finalist - SF3 - SmartFone Flick Fest - 2018

Semi-Finalist – SF3 – SmartFone Flick Fest – 2018

Shot on location at the Hintertux Glacier and San Pedro de Atacama.

The laurels collection continues to grow as more festivals make their notifications over the next few months.