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Free trial: Final Cut Pro and Sm...

Free trial: Final Cut Pro and Smart Film School Courses for teachers

Apple and the Smart Film School are donating free 90-day trials for educators and their students to support the distance learning many are doing to finish this semester’s classes. Instructors can request access for their students here: Final Cut Pro X Free Trial Smart Film School Course Packs

iPhone 11 Pro: Travel Photograph...

iPhone 11 Pro: Travel Photography & Video Masterclass

iPhone 11 Pro Video: Tips, tricks & tutorials for making & editing travel videos. The gear, apps, security, and travel techniques. People love this 5-star rated course that teaches iPhone 11 Pro Max tutorials.   In reviews, they even mention the safety lecture where I share my best tips for securing your #MOJO camera gear. […]

The Innovation Prize – Global Me

How do you innovate with your mobile storytelling? Do you think the world would benefit by learning about it? I really want to know because we will showcase the best examples at a global media conference. This program is being organized by the Visual Editors non-profit in partnership with Deutsche Welle and the Global Media […]