How do you innovate with your mobile storytelling?
Do you think the world would benefit by learning about it?

I really want to know because we will showcase the best examples at a global media conference.

This program is being organized by the Visual Editors non-profit in partnership with Deutsche Welle and the Global Media Forum. (That’s who the ‘we’ refers to.)


  • There is no entry fee for the Innovation Prize.
  • Winning work will be showcased at the Global Media Forum.

Deutsche Welle is an official supporter and this is huge opportunity to get recognized for groundbreaking projects related to mobile journalism.

Details are here:


Full disclosure

I am the chair of the mobile journalism awards.
I do not judge them, I volunteer for the non-profit that is producing them along with a group of journalism foundations and universities.

My main job is to get the word out, so please help me share this news if you like this initiative to bring the next generation forward.

Happy Holidays and Happy Filming!

Robb Montgomery